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★ Material Drop query:
◇ inquiry into the painting material: convenient when you want to make the evolution of the material, do not have to check the Internet, you can directly open APP instantly found the place to which we can hit the beat
◇ Association mobs provenance query: to facilitate an open APP can know the mobs hit more convenient to go
★ physical computing query:
◇ also worry when physical enough to play Copy? Do not worry as long as the input current required physical stamina and can help you figure out when it would have enough strength to fight a copy of the screen so you do not stay boring wait
★ Skill projections query:
◇ immediately so that we can know the number of the current round skill level, as well as skills to summon the beast full number of rounds is much better from the current skills learned skills to reach the next round number also need several rounds
★ Soul Stone alarm settings alert:
◇ soul stone so you do not miss time
★ stacked beads query:
◇ allows you to easily check how stacked beads, as long as there are a few miscellaneous beads layout, you can find out how to rows of beads
★ hell checkpoint information and videos inquiry
◇ allows you to easily view the information directly with the phone directly with the broken off movie sina
★ New Ghost kiosks
◇ Login award
◇ class bonus
Level Information ◇ Guild: Let you can calculate the total number of points the experience gained

Revision history:
2014/6/26 (version 8.0)
Part of the optimization
2014/6/26 (version 7.0)
New Simplified English language
2014/6/9 (version 6.0)
New levels of hell
World grazed by
Ocean King
McGee trial
King of yellow mark
2014/4/6 (version 5.0)
New Ghost kiosks
Login award
Level Awards
Level Information Guild: Let you can calculate the total number of levels of experience
Part of the calculation function optimization
Experience levels projected
2014/3/23 (version 4.8)
Corrected without fear of crossing the road movie wrong question
2014/3/23 (version 4.7)
Amended four hurdles champion the issue can not watch videos
2014/3/23 (version 4.6)
New information without fear of crossing the road movie with clearance
Physical space calculation error correction part
2014/3/19 (version 4.5)
Physical space calculation to calculate the new level of 400
Add to hang around the bottle leap Aries Extra Extra
New skills hell lazy twin pack
Change the ICON
Added initial animation
2014/2/16 (version 4.0)
In material inquiries, new guild mobs provenance, material change to the evolution of new inquiries layout material source query and query mobs Association
2014/1/30 (version 3.5)
Repair and modification of the film can not be viewed ICON
2014/1/29 (version 3.0)
New information and videos check points
2013/12/12 (version 2.0)
New Soul Stone set a reminder alarm clock, so you do not miss the soul stone time
New stacked beads queries let you easily check how stacked beads
2013/12/8 (version 1.5)
New space projection function calculates the current level of the upper limit of the current space and physical limit
Query calculates the required space needed Level
2013/12/3 (version 1.1)
Modify the layout and the Layout Tittle Cancel
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