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**Some phones are not supported, since they use a different activity for the camcorder (which seems to be undocumented). If your phone happens to do this, please help us by sending an email to Please include your phone model and Android version**

In some phones, when the camera is launched it always launches in the mode it was last used in. This makes it an extra step for you to flip the mode. If you wanted to shoot a video, sometimes the camera app launches in still image capture mode and you lose precious seconds trying to figure out why the video is not recording. Until you realize that the camcorder never launched, it is too late.

This app launches your camera app in camcorder mode. No more mix ups, just hit record and relive life's precious moments at your reckoning.

This app is just a short cut to your camcorder. It does not start recording automatically.

**!!Select your camcorder as the default, the first time you launch the app.!!**

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