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onuServer is an innovative mobile application by jhoroTEK to serve your need of SMS VAS (push-pull) facilities without big setup of SMS Gateway Server or Shortcode. Anu (অনু) is a Bangla term means Tiny. So, the term onuServer implies a Tiny Server.Using a simple smartphone with mobile SIM connectivity and wifi or Data Network, it can implement a query and response based SMS application for your organization.

onuServer mobile app will instantly forward the incoming SMS directly to our web cloud or to your web app/page and hence to a database.

A company can use our in-packaged web application panel or connect his customized application based on their

onuServer Echosystem have two platforms as module.

Module 1: Android Apps: onuServerApp

Module 2: Cloud/Web Platform: onuCloud

onuServerApp is an mobile application. It can be downloaded free on an android mobile phone. After onuServerApp is installed and run it will start forwarding the incoming sms to onuCloud or client’s web application.

OnuCloud is a web platform where onuServer client will be able to check its dashboard hence sms inbox, manage onuCloud based apps. Download SMS and check different reports and analysis.

Client will be able to choose whether he wants to download the sms or forward the sms based on different criteria to different inbuilt application or to any extended/customized application.

Our Cloud will have the following mentioned applications in-built with different packages. Clients subscribing different application can enjoy the services.

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