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Arcade mode is live! Test your knowledge against the clock in this new quiz progression game mode. The quicker you answer correctly, the more points you earn! Please purchase the full version to access all 34 levels!

*** Note that the lite version contains only 23 muscles and is meant as a demo to test functionality before purchasing. Please purchase the full version for the complete muscle list. ***

Muscle Memory is an excellent resource for students and professionals alike who want to learn detailed muscular anatomy or are simply looking for a handy pocket reference.

Create unique multiple choice quizzes with as little as a single button press to help you learn muscular anatomy. Questions and their possible answers are generated randomly so you should very rarely - if ever - see the same question and answer grouping twice. Instead of just learning the test, learn the actual content itself!

Vary the format of your quiz by defining:
• Question style
• Question difficulty
• Number of questions
• Number of multiple choice answer options
• Information tested (ie. body regions or details like origin / insertion / innervation / etc.)

You can also add some "flair" to the questions to make them even more interesting and challenging!
• Second Degree requires the user to know something about a muscle in the question before answering the question itself.

Still too easy? Add a "None of the Above" option to each question to really test your knowledge!

Enjoy a full reference of nearly 200 muscles (with a breakdown per muscle head where applicable) complete with information on their origins, insertions, innervations, functions and myotomes!

Need to focus on one particular muscle that's giving you trouble? Study efficiently using the "Focused Study" feature which generates a mini quiz of varying difficulty for the 5 details of a single muscle.

Be sure to make good use of the search feature to help yourself develop a solid understanding of how all of the anatomy is connected. Have you ever tried to think of all the muscles that attached to the coracoid process or were innervated by the femoral nerve? You can easily study these relationships within the anatomy with a simple search!

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