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Penguin Blast - Barrel Tap Boom

Android Casual
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Tux the Treasure Hunting Penguin is looking to collect the Legendary Stars and needs you to help him the only way you can... by firing him from a barrel cannon!

Tap the screen to fire Tux from one Barrel Cannon to the next, collecting colorful loot as you navigate your way to each level's Legendary Star. Timing is key as you learn the tricks of each of the many barrel types to solve puzzles and avoid the enemies and pitfalls that have foiled the many treasure hunting penguins that have come before you in this addicting barrel blasting game for kids and adults of all ages. Get your reflexes ready!


An adorable penguin who needs your help
Super simple one button touch control
21 core levels per world
3 SUPER TOUGH bonus challenge levels per world (for the best of the best)
New levels/worlds in free updates (coming soon!)
Hours and hours of fun

Quick Stats

3 years

since last update