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Simple and power saving Gmail client.
This mailer is best, if you want to send or receive mail to iPhone.

= Recommended =

Hide secret mails with setting of display restriction mode.
Unicode6.0 emoji(iPhone) support.
Filtering setting support.
Inline image support.
Send mail by two methods - "send now" and "send at scheduled time".
In either case, retry automatically when sending mail failed.
You can save the settings of application to Gmail server.
It makes easier to re-install application and change device.

- Mailer for exclusive use of Gmail/SPmode-mail
- Receive a new email in real time
- Power saving
- Delete old cached mail data automatically to keep the total size of cached mail data
- Can display all of multipart contents
- Html mail support(display only)
- Emoji(iPhone, unicode6, i-mode, ezweb) support
- Inline image support
- Can see original mail when edit reply mail
- Send mail at scheduled time later
- Display restriction mode
- Create/delete/edit labels

Following setting of Gmail is required.

- Enable IMAP
- Enable [Show in IMAP] of label of [All Mail] [Trash] [Spam]


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