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When you need to know when your next train or bus is leaving, you need to know NOW! You don't want to tap endless amounts of buttons and navigate countless menus and perform infinite searches, because by the time you'll have your information ready this way, it's too late. That train is gone! You don't have the time for that, because you're a busy person who just happens to be using Stockholm's public transport! And that's why you use SL Widget.

Or how about those times when you find yourself running as fast as you can to catch the tram that is just about to leave according to schedule, only to find out when you arrive that it's been delayed and you got all that exercise for nothing? Don't you hate that? Yes you do, and that's why you use SL Widget.

With SL Widget, these problems are a thing of the past! Simply set up all metro/train/bus/tram stops that you frequent the most, and that info will be instantly ready for you exactly when you need it right there on your Android's home screen with a minimal of button taps.

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