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QR Code Reader is most user friendly, easy and fastest app for android devices. Qr code reader with best ui design and better user experience. So get it Now!

This qr code reader and barcode scanner app read and scan all types of barcodes and QR codes like text, url, products, ISBN, contact, location, email and WiFi password.

Powerful barcode reader and qr code scanner that supports all major barcode formats such as ISBN, EAN, UPC and others.

QR code reader features:
-scan/read all types of qr code and barcode
-extremely easy to use or share wifi password with this qr code reader app.
-easily catch up the code in low resolutions of camera.
- connect with wi-fi hotspot easily.
-immediate scan images of qr code and barcode from gallery or photo album.
-you can copy, save, delete and share the scanning result.
-share your scanning result and history via email, contacts and on social networks like facebook, google plus, dropbox, whats app, etc and much more.
-this qr code generator app support flashlight in dark while scanning the barcode and qr code.
-fully secure qr code reader application

How this qr code reader and barcode reader app work:

To read and scan a QR code and Barcode first open the app, point camera zone at the code and you're done examining! There is no compelling reason to take any photograph or squeeze catch, It's Simple.

At the point when reading or scanning a QR code. if the code contains a site URL, you will consequently be taken to the site. On the off chance that the code just contains content, you'll quickly observe it. For different organizations, for example, telephone numbers, email addresses, or contact information, you will be provoked to make the proper move.

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