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《Thunder Monkey King》 is a retro type horizontal flight shooting game. The game combined with the keen water ink painting style and the Westward Journey game player background, with the hottest aircraft games, giving the game player is not the same plane new experience. In the game, through continuous kill BOSS to obtain the player fighter required ascending materials, in promoting fighters ability, can pursue fraction and higher target. Of course, in the game to complete the task but also need to pay attention, otherwise you will miss the high rewards; when the player rewards accumulated to a certain extent, can replace the new more powerful aircraft, while the morphology and ability of different aircraft final evolution also is different, so the more you wait for a player to play their continuous mining. The operation of the game by way of the drag and click on the two kinds of mode combination. But mainly to drag based, players do not need to manually fired bullets, are fully automatic. Of course, when the release of Nirvana, need for clicking on a button will kill skills can release.

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