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Welcome to Regular Expression Tool(called RegExp Tool for short). The following sections discuss issues about how to use RegExp Tool.

1. What is RegExp Tool

As we all know, Regular Expressions are powerful and flexible text-processing tools and have a very long history. Many programming languages integrate Regular Expressions, for example Python, Perl, Java.
RegExp Tool is made for people who use Regular Expressions.
There are three components in RegExp Tools, a verifier, a tester and a helper.
When you want to know if an input string and a regular expression are matched, you can use the verifier.
When you want to test your ability of regular expression, you can use the tester.
When you want to learn the syntax of regular expression, you can use the helper.

2. The Verifier

The Verfier can help you to check out if an input string and a regular expression are matched.
You can type any string and regular expression you want in the Verifier. The Verifier takes over the rest job and judges if your input string an regular expression are matched after you press the button Verify.

3. The Tester
The Tester helps you to test your ability and skill about regular expressions. It produces a random string in the Input String, you job is typing the right regular expression. Please notice that your regular expression must meet the requirement. And the scores are recored.

4. The Helper

If you have any questiones about the syntax of regular expressions, the Helper can help you. The Helper lists all the
pre-defined expressions and their meanings. The Help provides search function too.

5. About RegExp Tool

I sincerely hope RegExp Tools can help you when you learn or work with regular expressions.
If you have any questions, you are very welcome to email me.

Author: Jimmy Chen

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