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Your city is under attack! Enemy missiles will rain down onscreen, and you must build counter missiles and tap on the screen to fire upwards and destroy the incoming missile in midair. Incoming missiles will spawn in a variety of colors and the missile you build must be the correct combination of colors in order to be effective. To build a missile you combine primary colors from your color palette until you’ve created the correct color that will destroy the incoming missile (e.g. red + blue = purple). This color is determined by which game mode you select:

Match - Create the same color as the incoming missile (10 points per missile)
Complement - Create the complementary/opposite color of the incoming missile (e.g. red is complementary to green) (20 points per missile)

In addition to the six primary and secondary colors, missile variety also includes tertiary colors (as well as black and white, which are considered complementary to each other). Tertiary colors are simple enough to determine once you get the hang of it. For instance, the complementary color of red-orange is blue-green because the complementary color of red is green and orange is blue. To combine this on the color palette you would make green and add blue (blue + yellow + blue).

Each color tier (primary, secondary, tertiary) is distinguished by a particular shape, all of which can be observed in the in-game images on this page (the first is yellow, the second is orange, and the third is red-purple).

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