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A unique Car Stunt Race Game available free on Play Store. Download it and play at least one level, you will never uninstall it. Its a challenge for car drivers!!!"

Stunt is a very favorite Hobby to every one.
But some people are crazy the extent of obsession.
If the Hobby Changes in an obsession,Then get to see some new!!!
As the Hobby of Stunt changed in a obsession, then big things come in existence.So We are offering a Game with the richness of such exploits
It is developed by the team of JimTech - Top Free Games & Apps.
Also game contains following features:
Tripping and falling down,High jump,Extreme sports,Acrobatics,High diving
Stunt driving,Car running,Hill Climb.ea.galoft.g.l.u.ffs.

How To Play:
* To make Speedy driving make Flips More & more
* Race button on right side to move forward and button on left side to move backward the car
* Tilt the car backward and forward for more flips
* Use JUMP button when required or when you want more flips.
* You can earn more money by playing a level many times through coins and level prize $.

* 9 different Cars and Trucks for making play more interesting.
* Earn Money and Purchase Car without going to asset store.
* Cutting Edge Graphics and general impact-crash sound effects.
* Complete one level in time to unlock other levels.
* Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
* Designed to look good on low resolution and high resolution devices (incl. tablets)

1) Be care full and avoid this type of activity in real life to prevent any type of injury or loss of Life
2) Next Episode of this game coming soon as possible with the feature of multi vehicle Stunt racing.
3) Please must make comments and mark stars rating also we welcome your feed-back at

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