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‘Abandon Ship’ is a simple, fun and addicting game! It will put your physics knowledge and your reflex actions to the test!

A mighty ship is sinking and all of its passengers are stuck and trying to escape onto the lifeboats. The goal of the game is to get all 100 people off the mighty ship and onto the lifeboats

How do you play abandon ship?

Just TAP on the screen to initiate the jump from the mighty ship onto the lifeboat.

Things you need to worry about:

• Speed of the Wind
• Speed of the Lifeboat
• Time
• Number of lives & levels

As the speed of the wind increases, so does the speed of the lifeboat, so TIMING is very important!

(The faster the wind results in a bigger arc while falling down from the mighty ship)

Also, you only have 5 seconds to complete a level, so make it count!

If you complete 8 successful jumps in a row, you gain an extra life!

There are 100 levels and you only get 5 lives, if you lose all your lives, you start all the way from level 1.

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