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Safe Hands is a multiple award-winning app designed for safety of citizens, especially on the streets of metropolitan cities at night. It acts as a tool to empower people for their safety.
The app can be used to send distress messages to contacts stored in the app on a single press of a button. The message contains the location of the user (latitude and longitude) and their distance from a nearby location, which is a safe-spot. The message can be used by the user to call for immediate help from their relatives or some competent authority.
The database of locations or "safe-spots" is pre-stored in the app and the user can add more landmarks as per their need.

Key features:
-The user can store as many contacts in the app as s/he wants ad message will be sent to all of them.
-Location of user determined using GPS, eliminating a need of active internet connection on the phone. In case, GPS fails to work, app determines location using GPRS, and even if that fails, app sends out a message without location to atleast alert the contacts.
-Apart from coordinates, message also contains the distance and direction of user from a nearby safe-spot, facilitating both the user and the people getting the message. A comprehensive database of safe-spots (in Delhi) is pre-stored in the app, but the user can add their own safe-spots as well like their home and place of work. This model makes the app distinct from all other similar apps.
-User can add contacts dedicated to a safe-spot as well. The message is automatically sent to a contact of a nearest location.
-Highly user friendly and intuitive interface.
-App developed at IIT Delhi, with continual feedback and reviews taken from users across Delhi.
-App has won national level awards like Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award, Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award and SSP Memorial Seed Grant.

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