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The Jingle Lab App can make you money! This app showcases our music jingle service with jingle demos, videos, and information on how to get a custom music jingle for your business or client The app is an awesome presentation tool for media sales, Ad Agencies, or for direct clients to learn how they can get a custom commercial jingle for their ad campaigns from the Jingle Lab. Use this app to sell a custom jingle or musical ID to your client and you’ll make money! How? A well produced jingle is like “The genie in the bottle”. Once an advertiser has one, he needs to buy ad time for it to work. And we have a proven track record of success with our clients- through Ad Agencies, radio groups, and individual direct clients.

You will make money selling these jingles because we will pay individuals who complete a sale 20% commission. You’ll sell Radio/TV ad time for your client to air the jingle. Radio groups and Agencies can package us into the overall marketing plan and not only make more money, but deliver real value to your client with a custom jingle they will use for years as a strategic part of their marketing plan.

We know our jingles work, and specialize in catchy, hook filled jingles that make your clients radio/tv and digital ads work FASTER. Our strategic jingle writing methods combine marketing and songwriting skill to give you a very effective weapon in your clients advertising plan.

This is a rich media presentation tool that will help you deliver the idea of using a jingle to your client, and set you apart from other media sellers and ad agencies. There’s not only a video/audio player on this app, the video and audio demos and information are updated through a dynamic link, so you will get updated videos, our latest “hit” jingles, useful facebook and web links, and selling tips. The high production levels on the video will help you show your client why jingles are a sure-fire solution to branding power and consumer recall of their business.

We’ll partner with you to deliver a jingle to your client and help your marketing plan to succeed. Be the first to have a hi-tech web app as your “big idea”, and present a jingle as part of your next campaign!

There is also a contact button, so even during a presentation, if you have a question about the service, the process, or need documents to get started-you have instant access to us via phone or email. Think of us like a backup marketing team available if you need to “Phone a friend”. We’ll walk you through the process, answer questions, and create jingle documents for you. So download, it’s free! And start making more money presenting the Jingle Lab –as the “big idea” to help your client grow their brand-and market share!

Slight delay first time video is played, as file downloads and saves onto SD Card. After that, all media is instant.

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