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Looking to test your reflexes and attention?Jingle Panda Festivi is the ultimate game to help you with that, since it provides a very good, cool way of checking out your attention span and reflexes for this new year.

• Beautiful graphics
• Strategize your every move to get a high score
• Fun, easy to understand game play
• Suitable for both kids and adults
• Lots of replay value

You will have to help the cute panda get across from one platform to another, and in order to do that you will need a few poles. You can make the pole grow simply by tapping on your screen, but the true challenge comes from creating a pole that is as long as you need, because it fits shorter or longer your panda will lose its life.
Jingle Panda Festivi comes with amazing challenges all around and Jingle Panda continually tests your experience, but the main appeal of the game comes from the uniqueness that these game play mechanics are bringing in to the table.With this game you will enjoy the true holiday spirit, with the Christmas and New Year being a lot closer to your heart this way!

Don’t rush when playing this game, because time is not a factor, instead you will have to create and use a variety of strategies if you want to get across as fast as possible! Can you help the cute panda get across and save the holidays? Download Jingle Panda for this New Year now!

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