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[Features of APP]
1) SMS and CALL LOG you make with your designated people are recorded ONLY in APP; NOT in phone records.
2) Run APP with your own passwords and then it will allow ONLY you to access to SMS and CALL LOG from people you designated in this APP’s contact lists.
2) Allows you to manage phone numbers and call lists of people you designate, and password just like a phone’s UI.

[How to Install]
1) This APP does not show on your phone after installment.
2) In order to run APP, please follow the next steps

[How to Run APP]
1) Click "Phone"
2) Enter 4-digit password (initial password is 1234).
3) Click "Call"
2) While calling, click "end call", then the APP will be run.

[Main Features]
1) Easy to Manage Contact Lists
-Can add a contact to your contact lists.
-Can search a person by entering an alphabet.
2) Can keep call lists just like a phone’s UI.
-Can search or delete call lists including sent/received/missed.
-When you make calls through this APP, the records will be saved in only APP’s records; NOT in your phone records.
3) Chats(SMS)
-Chats you make with your designated people are recorded ONLY in APP; NOT in phone records.
4) Settings
-Message Alerts: silent/lamp, vibrate/lamp, sound/lamp
-Snooze: once, every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, never
-Can change password (initial PW: 1234)
-Can turn on/off your APP. When off, all functions of APP does not work.
-Auto reject call: call received at that time will bo rejected.

[Main Purposes of this APP]
1) To provide you with privacy: prevent your family members, friends, or boy/girlfriends from searching your call or texting records.
2) You can make private calls or texts with your private person(s).
3) You can block text messages by enrolling an account in APP as spam.

1) Password Recovery
-Go to "settings" > application program > application program management > Call > delete data.
(Password should be defaulted to 1234.)
Note: If you delete data, all contacts and call/text records will be also deleted.
2) MMS (long texts, over 81 byte) is not supported.
3) When APP does not work after installing, please reboot your phone.
4) To keep your sms private, send sms through APP.
5) How to delete app
Phone > settings > Application Manager > delete 'Call'

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