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The challenge here is to test your shooting skills. You are surrounded by Zombies, and no one can help you out.You have a gun in your hand to aim and kill zombies. Zombies faces a different approach to attack you and kill you, and you need to shoot them before they approach you. You can control your position up, down, right and left. You have to shoot the zombies twice the capacity and three times lower than the zombies with a gun trigger button above the bottom-right corner. If you missed the target or zombies close to you, they will attack you, and your energy will decrease, which will save you kill all the zombies before they approach you. There are 10 zombies in the first wave, the second wave of the 20's and 30 in the third wave of zombies to keep growing at a ratio of the number 10 for each channel. The killing zombies with you as a 100+ score, gives some 150 +, and some of the 250+ points. You have unlimited reloads bullets, 20 bullets each reload the stage. The game is interesting because the player receives a new wave, a new wave of energy will refresh, and you have to survive on the same level as the previous wave energy.

Top Game Features:
❖ to witness the stunning 3D graphics, detailed textures
❖ Enjoy realistic sound effects and music.
❖ Bring Death smash zombies, who are chasing you.
❖ Be an assassin to kill the zombies in epic style weapons system.
❖ Raise your gears to resist the waves of zombies
❖ Experience of 3D shooting time as a zombie hunter.
❖ Complete all achievements and quests to compete with your friends.
❖ Set your nerve at the highest level to deal with different zombie types
❖ to protect the environment with your position and stay alive
❖ Action game shooting skills test
❖ Multiple waves of zombies increases at each level.
❖ Nice HD Graphics improved control
❖ Free download

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