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-Java interview Questions app contains 200+ most important commonly asked Java Question.
-It is useful for fresher’s and experienced Developer to learn java and who are preparing for java interview.
-Questions are categorized based on different topics.
-must have for beginners who are new to java.
-Includes java programs and examples
-Topics covered:
1) Basics
2) Oops
3) Cunstructor, this , final & super
4) Static
5) Class & Objects
6) Inheritance
6) Method Overloading
7) Abstract Class & Interface
8) Exception handling
9) Import, Package & Modifiers
10) IO
11) Multithreading
12) Serialization
13) Garbage Collection
14) Collections
15) String
16) Others
17) Method Overriding
18) Polymorphism
19) JDBC

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