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Hey! Are you looking for some Mobile racing? Then this is the place.

If you are looking for some exciting mobile car racing game then get! Set! And go! Traffic racer is the right place for you. Take your driving skills one step ahead in mobile gaming through playing traffic racer game and enjoy the world of racing. Become the king of car racing. Play it and believe it yourself. Traffic racer provides you the cool and challenging environment of racing with smooth controls. Play traffic racer and feel the difference.
King of the racing you want to be, traffic racer is the place to be.
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Subway Car Racer 3D or Traffic Racing 3D is a thrilling and exciting super car racing simulation game. Be the best driver of some of the fastest cars on the city streets in a collection of some of the world's most exciting sports cars. This amazingly realistic racing car driving simulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing levels.Traffic Racing 3D will pit you against other racers and you must drive into first place and reach the finishing line before the other racers.

Traffic Racing 3D offers you a great, fun gaming experience that will help you to become the king of the city streets and the best driver on them. So are you excited to get behind the wheel of some realistic super cars and race against other racers, then you'll be very excited to play Traffic Racing 3D!

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