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Our App never disturbs your phone's address book. That's a promise. You can simply subscribe (or store) thousands of contacts in our app and at the same time keep your primary phone book tidy.

OffContacts works in 3 ways.

First, our app has lots of public information groups' contacts readily available, where you can subscribe contacts like hospitals, restaurants, service providers, toll-free numbers, emergency numbers, airlines, cinema halls, colleges, etc. If you cannot find your near-by business contacts, you can create and help others to get that information. And what's more? yes you got it, they can contribute to the group too with rest including you getting updated contacts.

Next, our App lets you create open or access controlled "special" groups where members provide updated contact information among them.

Last but not least, it works also as a backup mechanism, where users store their important contacts in "private" group(s).

OffContacts works as a global caller-id too. When you receive a call, for example, from a grocery store, and if you do not have the store's number in your phone, but in our app, then our app displays the name of the number during the incoming call notification.

Tip: Create a public closed group of unwanted calls and ask your buddies to subscribe and contribute the group. Next time you get an unwanted call, you and your buddies will know it.

All these functionality without disturbing you phone's address book. It acts like a second address book and never intends to replace the primary.

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