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LCARS Star Trek:TNG Go Locker

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*** If you are having any problems with the download it is not the fault of the app. We can e-mail you the file that will work correctly. It is the Google Play Market that is screwing up the file. And contrary to a certain review, we will email you back and get you the working file.

This is an Star Trek: The Next Generation style LCARS theme for the Go Locker app.

This LCARS Locker is made to match the LCARS Go Launcher Theme that we have created.

This Locker theme requires the Go Locker app from the Google Play market to work.

The Google Play market appears to be having issues with themes like these at the moment so if you have any problems with the download, please be aware that it is a problem with the Google market and not our app. If your download is not working we will email you a working file. If you do have a problem, please e-mail us at and we will be glad to help you fix any issues if they appear.

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