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A word game that will entertain you through missions and levels that challenge your English vocabulary. Each level you go through will gradually increase the challenge and with the mix of two different level modes, it will motivates you in enhancing your English skills!

☆Feature Highlights☆
* 8 missions to test your word skills. Each mission have many levels to play, starting with the Normal difficulty levels. (Expert difficulty is provided for anyone who likes a harder challenge and can be unlocked once you have done with Normal difficulty levels in the particular mission)
* Two different level mode to keep you entertained:
- Word Building mode: With the given set of letter tiles, build as many words as required in the level.
- Puzzle mode: You'll be presented with puzzle cards that contain some clues and a set of letter tiles where you need to find the answer of the puzzle.
* Leaderboard and Achievements available (Google Play Login required).

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