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The reproduction of the world's first Video Game Comic is finally released on Android! Introducing Video Game Comics: The Adventures of Shadow Cat Pilot Issue, an introduction to the upcoming Shadow Cat series brought to you by J-Lynn Entertainment.

What is a Video Game Comic you ask? A Video Game Comic is a video game and digital comic book hybrid. Similar to a choose your own adventure book, but you alter the story based on your performance playing the video games within each interactive Video Game Comic. Stats at the end of each issue let you keep track of how well you perform and if your reading speed increases. You get achievement points for performing certain feats in each Video Game Comic. If you sign up for a Video Game Comics account, you can store these points that will allow you to use Video Game Comics on multiple platforms and have your achievements saved universally. Eventually you will be able to be trade in your achievement points for prizes or discounts once our online Video Game Comics prize store is launched.

Look forward to different Video Game Comic series brought to you by J-Lynn Entertainment! Each new upcoming Video Game Comic released will have more games and features. So we are excited about what we'll offer in the future.


The Adventures of Shadow Cat is the first Video Game Comic series released by J-Lynn Entertainment starring Shadow Cat. Shadow Cat is a vigilante super hero cat who uses the mysterious technology of his Shadow Suit to fight crime and villains. In this series of Video Game Comics you will play various types of game mechanics and game styles that fit the story based on the issue you are playing. If you love comics, video games, and action packed Saturday morning cartoons. Then you will love The Adventures of Shadow Cat!

DISCLOSURE: Contains mild cartoon violence, no blood, extreme violence, or realistic violence. Achievement points are not currently redeemable for prizes or discounts. J-Lynn Entertainment cannot guarantee if and when redemption for this points will become available.

Video Game Comics are patent pending in the United States and other countries.

Copyright J-Lynn Entertainment LLC 2014

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