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With this program you can create sounds with a interpreted sound command language, so there are no restrictions on what you can create.

Commands created so far:
- tone (single frequency)
- Sweep (from frequency x to y)
- FadeIn(startTime, duration)
- FadeOut(startTime, duration)
- Midi
- Sample rate
- Save track as an uncompressed digital wave file.
- Save track as a ringtone.
- Many more to come...

With this, it's possible to create a sound track with:
- Multiple tone frequencies
- Write to the left or right channels individually
- DTMF tones
- Binaural beats!
- Your imagination is the limit.

See the examples included in the app, ready to be played.

This is a alpha prototype, everything is still in development, send me your feedback please.

To save the created sound track, the app needs read/write access to external storage. It only writes to the Download or RingTones folders.

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