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Simple SMS is the quickest and easiest way to read and send SMS messages. Lightweight and simple, this app is meant to be used as a secondary SMS app (although it can function as a primary SMS app as well). Main features include:

1) Aggregated SMS Inbox
- Easily see all your SMS messages in a single list
2) Simple Response
- Simply click on a message in the SMS list and that person's name will be entered in the “To” text field, and the keyboard will pop-up with focus on the “Message” text field
3) Scheduled/Queued SMS Messages
- Schedule SMS messages to be sent at specific times and dates. Can also set a repeat period
4) Single Screen Design
-Send and receive texts to and from ALL your contacts on just one screen
5) Notification Tray Shortcut
-A shortcut in the notification tray allows you to navigate to Simple SMS from anywhere on your phone, and makes it extremely easy to send a quick text
6) Simple Message Copy
-Simply long press a message to copy it to the clipboard

Simple SMS is extremely customizable! In the settings, you can:
- Change the number of SMS messages in the SMS list
- Change the font size of SMS messages
- Choose one of 16 themes to apply
- Adjust Queue SMS settings
- Change keyboard pop-up settings
And more!

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