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Every accomplishment starts with setting a goal. Goals are not fulfilled overnight. Daily repetition and work towards a goal helps to form good habits. Success is not a goal; it is a habit. This application allows users to keep track of their goals, helping them to form habits that will make them better people overall. With Daily Goal Streak Tracker, you can give yourself the push you need to accomplish your goals in 2017!

✔️ Track the progress of your goals!
✔️ Track multiple goals.
✔️ See all the days you have accomplished yourgoal.
✔️ Stay motivated with a streak, letting you know how many days in a row you have completed your goal and begin forming a habit.
✔️ Rate your daily progress with a star rating.
✔️ Give yourself reminders to complete your goals.

How to Use
Using Daily Goal Streak Tracker is easy! To create a new goal, simply open the application & hit the plus button. After you fill out a little bit of information about your goal, you are ready to make some progress. Note: flipping the notification switch will send you daily reminders to complete your goal.
To record your resolution progress, simply click on the resolution in the main window. Click the button marked "Made Progress Today" and rate your progress. It's as easy as that! You can close the app, but make sure you come back tomorrow to record your progress.

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