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U can Order your favorite sweets from this app and get it delivered to your home.

Yes you heard it right , On festive seasons their is a great que of customers at sweets shops, to stand out of the croud order sweets from JMB app

JMB is 28 year old shop, highly reputed and widely accepted by the sweet lovers , for its hygine value and great test.

The passion to create something of his very own haunted.Their ambition was to create a completely original sweet, that would bring new excitement between people

JMB is one of the few stores in the city where speciality sweets, specific to popular festivals and their celebrations like Sankranti, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Dusshera and Diwali are available,which makes it a popular mithai-destination despite of no loud branding or glitzy packaging Delicious and extremely popular.

JMB is now conveniently located at two major destinations- Udaipur - Opp Town Hall & Durga Nursery Road and Mumbai. So, wherever you find ourself in the mood for a tasty bite, you can be rest assured you are never too far from an JMB outlet

Jodhpur misthan bhandar ( JMB) is well renowed name in the field of traditional indian sweets & Namkeen. In our endless endeavor to make indian delicacies available around the india.

We have observed that our customer loyalty also is carried on from generation to generation, so that our buyers are great great-grandsons of our earliest patrons. Our growing clientele continues to testify that our dedication to quality and business values has reaped untold for our Company in goodwill and prestige.

The Few distinct features of JMB that form its strengths are

Hygienic conditions maintained throughout the process of manufacture Stringent inspection and monitoring to prevent any form of adulteration Pure ingredients sourced and used in manufacture Dust free environment Healthcare and Worker's hygiene forming one of our top priorities Friendly attitudes and politeness making up our customer relations

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