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SoCal Weather Force is a custom weather alert system for Southern California, powered by Southern California Weather, which allows users to select the zone they are in for notifications for custom weather alerts for storms, snow, flood, wind, and much more. Thousands are becoming a part of this lifesaving system.

The app has the following features in order by menu so pay attention so you get the most out of the app.

Top Stories - The top stories at

Other News - Mainly news that isn't a top story, but still is important at the time.

Regional Alerts - The current weather alerts issued by us at for the entire region.

Get Custom Alerts - This is important. It is the meat of this app. Checkmark the location you are in to get notifications for the alerts we issue for those areas. It is very important! You also get a weekly forecast outline every Sunday. Do not bypass this option.

Recent Notification - Five of your last notifications sent.

Website and App Updates - This goes to a page on the main site that has any updates to the app. If the app is not updating or something is wrong with the site, check that section.

Contact Us - A direct link by email to the weather team

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