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This summer, we bring you Bikini Boom Beach, the ultimate seaside dare!

= Feature =

* Cool music and sound effects!
* Beautiful graphics!
* Simple and fun gameplay!
* Special power-ups!

The sun is up, the weather is lovely and you can’t go out and enjoy it? Here’s where we come in! This immersive beach adventure will make you feel just like you’re by the sea and it will give you a taste of what’s it like to wear the hottest swimwear!

Imagine this: you’re on the beach, in your hottest red swimwear and you decide to go for a run. But there are so many obstacles in your way that it feels like you just dodged a bullet every time you manage to successfully overcome them!

There are kids on the beach, having lots of fun while building sandcastles. You will also encounter beachgoers, comparing their tan while sunbathing. Others will be relaxing with a book in their hands, under their beach umbrella. Every once in a while, you’ll find a dog trying to catch the waves and beach balls will get in your way!

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the power ups! You can get super speed, this way making your beach run more intense and you can also get a shield! It comes in the form of sunscreen and it’s exactly the kind of protection you need when you’re at the seaside! To that we add sonic super powers that help you conjure up a big wave whenever you need to! You truly are a lifesaver extraordinaire!

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