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Once upon a time, under the ocean water one octopus called Octo wanted a family witch will take care of him. For some days he was searching for someone to love him as his parents dispensary after a big undersea storm took them away from him. Searching and searching without knowing where to go, Octo found a place witch he can enjoy the rest of his teenage life. dressed, feed, good smelling, having fun and so on. This place if called Octo - My Virtual Friend Pet, witch is situated in your mobile phone.

Game Features:

- Gain money by playing games and buy what you can buy from shop to make your friend a very nice room and get him dressed for different occasions.
- 5 Mini Games, very entertaining.
- Amazing Clothes
- Lots of food
- Beautiful Graphics
- Decorate your room how you want in order to find the perfect balance within the game
- Collect money within the games and buy Clothes and other staff in order cu customize your pet.

How to play:

After you install the game you have to press multiple times on the egg to crack it.
After you crack it you have in the left and right side top of the screen, Two buttons ( Menu, Settings)/
By pressing the menu button you will have other buttons that will take you to different places, for example : SHOP, GAMES, WARDROBE, FRIDGE, and so on.

You have to collect money within the mini-games in order to buy all the objects situated in the shop.

Enjoy and have fun!

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By the creator of Circle Arena - Multiplayer game, Uncle Fred Prehistoric Adventure, Sexy Man, JMG its exited to bring you the first My Virtual Pet, called, Octo.

Octo its a similar game with other My Virtual Pet from the store. What is unique with it is the fact that everybody wants an Octopod or a see Pet.

Octo its one of a kind. Take care of him and dont let him starve or be sad because its not nice. Be a great parent to your pet as when the time comes you will have to take care of your own child.

Thank you and don't forget to like us.

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