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Uncle Fred in Jurassic Age

Android Adventure
Offers in-app purchases ($1.24 - $18.83)
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Game features:

*5 marvelous scenes in a continuous change: Palm Springs, Desert Storm, Jungle Rush, Cave Madness, Earth Core

*20 challenging missions to complete in each area

*Defeat 12 different types of dinosaurs!

*More than 20 awesome items available in our shop, so you can fully customize your character

*Creatures that organize their attack based on your position and movement

In this wild adventure, collect all you can get to ensure your survival! With a T-Rex, boulders and lava always chasing you, you must complete 20 missions to unlock the next area on the map. If the T-Rex gets too close to you, don’t forget to collect the tornado- that will keep it away from you!

In your wacky jungle journey, finding your way home will always be a challenge- the prehistoric scenery is ever-changing! Although he rarely gets a break, and Uncle Fred rarely gets the chance to shower, the buzzing cloud of flies is a good shield. In the evening, though, he must find his way home and have dinner with a big family! Sometimes, Uncle Fred daydreams about having a romantic dinner with a juicy, tasty chunk of meat, so make sure his dreams won’t make him fall in a pit!

With the food you collected, you can buy an entire arsenal of prehistoric weapons that become more and more efficient, impressive outfits, snacks and power ups! A magnet that collects more and more food, a start boost or a long lasting shield, all will guarantee your survival and success!

But if you’re not in shape, don’t hesitate to pull out your credit card and you’ll have full access to all these things, including the possibility of unlocking all areas, without completing the missions!

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