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Would you like to know what app is using network in your phone? Would you like to know what address is the application connecting? Network monitor could help you.
The tool could help you below:
1. Monitor current data activity and uplink/downlink throughput.
2. Floating window support that you could monitor data activity any time. You know any data activity at first time.
3. Through floating window, easy to turn on/off airplane, wifi, mobile data.
3. List all package which using internet currently.
4. List all socket link including destination IP address and source IP address of per package.
5. Query where is the destination address of the link connection and show it in map.
6. Real time monitor running process status which hold internet connection. It is very helpful to diagnose background network connection.

It is a fun tool if you want to know what application using your internet connection background.
Still in development progress. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to send email to me.

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