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You are a farmer and you just have to protect your sheeps, But there could be some wolves around......
To win you must hit all the wolves, when a wolf is hit it does not die, it stops for a while and goes away. It is useless to hit a wolf already hit, you will lose ammunition. If the wolves kill all your sheeps you lose. If you hit your own sheeps of course you are having penalties. You can only turn left, right, up and down. On the upper left corner you are having some info on bullets, sheeps and wolves left.
On the right side you have the fire icon to shot and a binocular icon to zoom in and out.

This shooter game does not encourage wolf hunting or killing, again when a wolf get hit it will not die and this is purposeful.

Some features:

- realistic wolf and sheep movements
- realistic physics
- nice effects
- zooming
- realistic animals intelligence

Enjoy this shooter game and let me know if you need additional levels.

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