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Are you tired of supporting the annoying low battery sound? Does it wake you at night? Does it scare you while using your mobile quietly?

Now, that problem is solved. With this application, you will never hear that unbearable sound!

* Total or partial (as desired) silencing of low battery warning sound
* Fully efficient application, without background services slowing your mobile
* No "root" needed, it works in any device


This application will mute the annoying low battery sound. In order to do it, it will decrement the suitable volume a little before reaching the battery level at which sounds (by default, before reaching the 5%, 10% and 15% battery level).

Note that the low battery window still will be shown, since it is not possible to eliminate it, however, it will not sound.

PURCHASE it now for VERY LITTLE money!

Notice: This app must be installed in main memory, not in SD card.

Suggestions/Comments/Bugs: jmpdroids@gmail.com

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