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Welcome kids and toddlers, and of course their parents! Meet your new fun, lazy and hungry friend: green and lazy frog- FROGGY! Feed this lazy pet with donuts, not insects or candies!
Everybody knows that frogs can croak, but not everyone knows that frogs are also very hungry and greedy! Each time, even sitting on the ground, they are trying to catch some food to eat. Well, try to feed the hungry frog, and take care of him!
“Hungry Lazy Green Frog” is simple, addictive and entertaining frog game feed for all ages. You have to feed the hungry FROGGY with the best and delicious, you might think it should be candy, but no, there will be donuts. How many donuts your hungry frog(FROGGY) can eat at once? All tests showed us the result of 10 max sweat and round donuts, not delicious candies! Can you beat this score? This app has simple and addictive gameplay, so every kind of ages will never be bored while playing, no in-app purchases, you can use all features now and absolutely free, great graphics, best suit for kids, but their parents also were happy playing it, and show great results as a gamer!
On screen of your device(mobile or tablet) you will see the hungry and lazy green FROGGY(your cute and fun pet), who is sitting on different locations and reaching the donuts, not to be bored playing similar backgrounds, and waiting while player feed the frog with sweat donuts, give him as much donuts as you want(one, two, three, as much as you can afford it): BUT REMEMBER: donuts are falling down and you must tap on screen by using your one finger(don’t tap the frog, ) to slow down them(if you can't slow down donuts, it will hit the frog and you will lose) make a portion of 2 and more donuts to get higher score. The more Donuts, the better score. Catchy sound effects will help you to play! Share your results with friends, and get know who is the highest ranks!
Remember!!! This app isn’t other feed and take care app like tom and nom, this is talking and hungry feed the frog app, and our frog can become very angry, if you can’t feed it! Do your best! This is not run or race app, in this app you can only feed the frog with donuts, not insects!
This app best suits for kids and toddlers! Parents must know this!
100+ unique levels, simple and not, to come through;
A lot of sweat donuts(not candies) to feed the hungry FROGGY( green lazy frog);
One of the best games for kids of all times;
Great entertaining game;
High-quality, colorful and funny graphics;
Catchy sound effects and music;
Optimized for mobile and tablets;
Minimum AndroidOs 2.2.
“Hungry Lazy Green Frog” is free fun game for both children and adults, and of course for toddlers!
We will be glad to hear your feedback, to continue developing another legendary saga of «feed the animals» games!
Enjoy the game!

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