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Born between a brick and girder, The Game begins. Enjoy life as a pre-apocalyptic, genetically advanced, avian species. While locked in the environment of a dominant being, you and you're kind have found a niche in the surrounding culture that lies outside of your awareness.

Even now as you resist this sensory input, those who are curious will experience a 3d life from all angles. Use your instincts and fledge!

To turn and look around, rotate your interface like a steering wheel.

To look up and down, tilt your device up and down.

Eventually, you will learn to soar between the alien structures and other predators.

Touch the right third of your interface to flap forward and backwards. The higher (or lower) you tap; the faster your acceleration (or deceleration).

Use the center one-third of your interface to project a dangerous parcel.

Use the left third of your screen to zoom in and out.

In the beginning, all existence is peaceful. But with time, karma builds exponentially. Be prepared and warned, that your actions will be avenged.


Birds - 1pt
Stars - 1pt (plus ammo)
Crosses – 5pts (plus healing)

If being shot, fly away.
Start with your phone in landscape mode. Point the back of the phone or device straight ahead.
For flying, flapping, shooting, and zooming; tap, don't drag.

Bird Simulator 9000 is free, contains no advertisements and does not require any permissions.

Bird Simulator 9000 contains music, sound effects, and other artwork that are copyright in 2014 by Jack North Nexus.
Published in the United States of America. All rights reserved.

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