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Track your gas / fuel mileage and maintenance. Review your gas mileage history in chart or graph form and receive notifications when your vehicles are due for oil changes. The graph shows you two standard deviations for your MPG history, which will help you to detect issues with your vehicle easier and faster. Since you know how you drive and you can see your most recent fill up compared to your historical fill ups, you have all the tools you'll need to make mileage tracking useful. MPG Tracker will also alert you when something appears abnormal.

Please Note: This app uses your Google Play email address to create an account to store your data on the server. This is useful if you change or reset your device. You can also review your data on any computer at

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Track Multiple Vehicles
Mileage Tracking (Fuel Calculator)
Oil Change Notifications
Maintenance Tracking - Add any service including location and cost (new and historical).
Graph Your Fuel History
Review Price Per Gallon
Enter a Fill Up using your Current Odometer instead of Tripometer
Historical Data Input
Built in Help Dialog

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