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Deadly Sniper Assassin Shot 3D is a war based game where the user will be invading military basis and army campus of enemies. World war is on and each military base and settlement has great significance. The user has to be super efficient and careful with invasion as the user may get the form of camouflage, assassin or contact killer. Get ready for the modern warfare in the war-zones like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe and Africa. The user to perform various assassinations of military commanders.

User has to destroy various military settlements like:

⚔️ Aircraft.
⚔️ Gunships.
⚔️ Tanks.
⚔️ Field guns.
⚔️ Gun howitzers.
⚔️ Infantry support guns
⚔️ Multiple rocket launchers

Indulge in intense war battles with extreme forces and take the enemy territory and reclaim the controls of the town and cities. Take head shots and save the ammunition for further battles. Indulge in asymmetric trench battles, tank battles, biological warfare, guerrilla warfare and various other battle.

⚔️ Vast range of weapons and rifle like

⚔️ Longbow T-76.
⚔️ M24 Sniper Weapon System.
⚔️ M25 Sniper Weapon System.
⚔️ M40 rifle.
⚔️ Savage 110 BA.
⚔️ SIG Sauer SSG 3000.
⚔️ Barrett MRAD.

⚔️ Smooth process aim Shoot and reload.
⚔️ Smooth sniper scope, magazine and HUD.
⚔️ Variety of sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns & Pistols.
⚔️ Realistic 3D graphics.
⚔️ High definition(HD) display.
⚔️ War sound effects (SFX).
⚔️ War Visual effects (VFX).
⚔️ Super fast processing with high rate of FPS.
⚔️ Variety of lethal GUNS.
⚔️ Invade base camps, city and small town.
⚔️ Intuitive design and easy to use.
⚔️ Bullet animation and other war based animations.
⚔️ Large selection of deadly weapons.
⚔️ Speech bubbles and guidelines.
⚔️ Strategic shooting.
⚔️ Secrete war missions.

You have to kill the leaders of the Chinese triads, do not let steal russian secret information, kill mafia bosses and fbi traitors. Shoot them to eliminate crime from the society. You are going to be a top-level highly trained secret agent assassin. Your mission includes to swipe away the enemies spying around us or having bad intentions about us. Shoot with accurate precision, before the enemy fire a bullet at you. War action has triggered between the army force and dangerous criminals. With your modern sniper vision; Hunt down the terrorists at war-zone with a killer shot. Your government agency has provided you with the best sniper rifle gun and a stealth helicopter to move around the enemy territory secretly. Tackle any hostile situation. The gangster squad, drug mafia and corrupt leaders are ruling the country. Deploy and Infiltrate the enemy convoy forces. Be prepared to fight & attack your rival gangsters. You will be provided new bullet ammunition, but keep in your mind that stock is limited. Transform the sin city into a peaceful city to take revenge from the criminal empire.

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