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This is user friendly and an interesting informational and entertainment application that helps you to become smarter with a DYK (Did You Know). DYK is the piece of interesting information that not only surprise you but also increase your knowledge. To know interesting facts, sharpen your mind and enhance your knowledge, You need to have regular update of interesting facts without a miss. Want to surprise your friends with general knowledge of the world? Want to Impress with fun facts to all people? Want to increase your general knowledge? Did you know?

1. Your daily Knowledge information in you Notification area at your chosen time.

2. All interesting facts
3. Option to share interesting facts with your friends and family.

4. Option to choose preferred Alert type.

5. Anytime, anywhere access to Knowledge of Unknown facts from app.
6. Quick sharing feature that enables to share DYK Facts via sms, Facebook and other sharing apps.


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- Animal

- Celebrity

- Christmas

- City

- Coca-Cola

- Computer

- Country 

- Engineering

- Etymology

- Food

- Funny

- Game

- Geography

- History 

- Human Body

- Interesting

- Kids

- Language

- Medical

- Monopoly

- Monument

- Movie

- Nature

- Olympic

- Phobia

- Random

- Science

- Sports

- Strange

- Universe


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