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1. Introduction

* All of the functions of the app is free .
* To remove the ad , please upgrade to premium.
* First , I recommend there be a look at the attached video guide.

English-Inventory - English news reading application,
English News Edition is a learning support program to help you easily read English newspapers / English News / English TV / English Magazine.

When you tap a word of English , it is possible to search ,
you can support the text of the translation and the history function .
And improves the learning efficiency through the word learning using the words of interest .

This is a great app for studying English and political / economic / social / educational / cultural / arts.

2. 2016 New convenience features English news edition

(1). Strengthening instance dictionary
Please do not know a word while reading a book, tap the touch.
Instant Dictionary is activated.
Instant dictionary pop-up and support the slide.
This slide has been added to the traditional pop-up system. (From the Settings screen)
There is instant dictionary, general dictionary Advanced Search menu enables you to search as well as to the etymological dictionary.

(2). Application and database servers operating
- This list will be registered before the news continued from the server without updating the app.

(3). Enhanced comfort features
- Multi-language and multi-language dictionary application (native language selected in the settings)
- Interest words registration and classification / automatic learning support
- Classification learning is not forced to learn other concerns. Learn to understand and go beyond the eye.
- You can automatically add words after the search page in the dictionary.

(4). English-Inventory Web services and applications will be continually integrated.
In the future, all apps are expected to be released in conjunction with the English web storage service.

3. Feedback

I would appreciate using the "Report a Bug" or "proposed development" menu within the app, or send us a mail (genuinescript@gmail.com).

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