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EuroMillions Assistant is your personal assistant which will help you in the EuroMillions Lottery!

He will get the latest EuroMillions draw in the fastest time he can, all Tuesdays and Fridays!

Moreover, after each draw, he will analyse the numbers and stars and will gather to you many statistics which can help you choosing the best numbers and stars for you to win the lottery! The statistics gathered are:

- Number Frequency
- Star Frequency
- The most common numbers and stars drawn alongside another number or star
- Most Picked Numbers and Stars
- Most Overdue Numbers and Stars
- Least Picked Numbers and Stars
- Most Picked Pairs of Numbers and Stars
- Most Picked Consecutive Pairs of Numbers and Stars
- Most Picked Triplets of Numbers
- Most Picked Consecutive Triplets of Numbers

You can save your tickets to easily check if you won the lottery! Single and Multiple tickets!

And if you don't know what numbers and stars you should choose, take one suggestion from the assistant or just shuffle your phone to randomly get a ticket!

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