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SongMemo is a multitrack audio recorder (4 track like) for the Android platform.

A new idea for a song? Register your music instantly, so you can remember it later, note down your lyrics, sing and add an extra instrument.

SongMemo is a Free and Living Open Source project. You can be a part it. To know more visit project's webpage.


Manage Songs (new/open/saveAs/delete)
Position bar indicator

4 independent tracks
. Name
. Volume
. Pan
. Mute
. Recordable
. Clean

Move song position while playing
Record track while playing the others
Create and update song lyrics
Skin change on Song Title longPress
Low-res/Hi-res layout

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I realized by the error messages that some of you sent to me, that for some people the app is crashing a lot.

I have a full time job and a life, that doesn't leave much time to work on this project, but I've been trying to answer to all of your requests. Please be patient and once more, help on this. I could use extra help with code & graphics.

This is a Free and Open Source App. Please don't be rude!

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7 years

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