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Description is excited to release its new application!

Jobbidding is designed to connect people with trusted Job bidders that can do the job or service they need done. You don’t have to search through Google and parse through lists of local businesses and call each individually to get estimates any more. You post your job or task on the site and businesses come to you, through real time business notifications, job bids and 1 to1 chat. It also provides a way for local people with skilled services or just odd-jobbers to find business leads and make quick money.

Not only that you can also sell things on Jobbidding, or post a request for an item that you want.

How it works:

1. Somebody posts a request for pretty much anything. This is called a 'posting' or auction
2. Immediately an auction marketplace is created and local Job Bidders are notified and added
3. Job Bidders chat with the Job Poster and bid on the posting in real time to make the best job bid
4. The Job Poster may award the posting to a Job Bidder, and get paid through Jobbidding
5. The Job Poster may rate the winning Job Bidder after services are rendered

This process is know alternatively as a job bid, work auction, work bid with customers, contractors, professionals and freelancers.

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