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Are you looking to find a job and you’re performing job search all day without any luck? Do you want to get access to the best recruiter companies on the market and find the best jobs out there? Welcome to JobsQuench, the ultimate app that focuses on helping any jobs seekers to find those amazing jobs in a matter of seconds.

No matter if you look for a stellar recruiter or want limited time employment, JobsQuench is offering you a great way to further improve your career and take it to new grounds by finding the right contract for you. You can use the app as your careerbuilder by finding the jobs you want and applying to them.

Once you start applying, you will be invited to interviews and thus it will be very easy to find the opportunity you seek very fast. The app is suitable for both recruiters and candidates that want to make the hiring process seamless and without any issues, so download JobsQuench and take your job search to the next level right now!

Job seeker features:

• Receive notifications directly from the recruiter to your inbox
• View jobs based on your skills
• Receive daily job matches created specifically for you
• You don’t have to upload any resume
• Find jobs based on your location

Recruiter features:

• Post your job in seconds
• Peruse the credentials of potential candidates
• Job details notification template
• Connect with job seekers who actively looks out for a role

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