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♚ Open up your Chess horizon ♚

Jocly's Chess Variants is by far the most complete mobile application for playing Chess variations.

In addition to regular Chess, it offers 45 variants, all of them featuring:

♙ artificial intelligence to play alone / offline
♙ server connectivity to play real people, create or join tables, invite friends
♙ full rules description
♙ live games are saved and can be replayed
♙ ELO based leaderboard
♙ and many more ...

Supported variants:

♘ Classic Chess
♘ XiangQi (Chinese Chess)
♘ Gardner Chess
♘ MiniChess4x4
♘ MiniChess4x5
♘ MicroChess
♘ Baby Chess
♘ Malett Chess
♘ Los Alamos
♘ Chess Attack
♘ Courier (Middle-Age Chess)
♘ Makruk (Thai Chess)
♘ Shako (10x10 board with elephants and cannons)
♘ Shatranj
♘ Raumschach (5x5x5)
♘ Glinski Chess (hexagonal)
♘ Brusky Chess (hexagonal)
♘ DeVasa Chess (hexagonal)
♘ McCooey Chess (hexagonal)
♘ Shafran (hexagonal)
♘ Modern circular Chess (on a round board)
♘ Byzantine Chess (on a round board, as played in the Xth century)
♘ 3D Chess (6x8x3)
♘ Cylinder Chess
♘ RollerBall (Chess on an unusual board)
♘ Chess960 (randomized start position)
♘ Metamachy (big board)
♘ Capablanca Chess
♘ Carrera Chess
♘ Gothic Chess
♘ Janus Chess
♘ Grand Chess
♘ Modern Chess
♘ Chancellor Chess
♘ Wildebeest Chess
♘ Smess (give it a try)
♘ Demi Chess (half a regular board)
♘ Romanchenko Chess
♘ Amazon Chess
♘ Duke of Rutland Chess
♘ Gustav III Chess
♘ Hyderabad Chess
♘ Kaiser Chess
♘ SultanGame Chess
♘ Reformed Courier Chess
♘ Tutti-Frutti Chess

3D view is disabled by default on Android. Check the app settings to try 3D on your device.

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