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moving boxes is a game where you must think fast, your mission is to organize as many boxes as you can, which are launched by a crazy crane. Push the boxes and pull them to avoid exceeding the height limit. The crane that sheds the boxes will be increasing the speed and the frequency of boxes. You have to dodge the boxes either running or jumping to avoid being hit in the head. Not everything is as difficult as it seems. By bringing together 4 boxes of the same type they explode, Also you will receive life falling from the sky, but be careful, do not let the lives touch the floor or be hit by other boxes.

* Push and pull boxes to move them
* Run and jump to avoid the boxes
* Group 4 boxes of the same type to destroy them
* 3 lives per game
* Moving boxes is incredibly simple to play.

Compete with your friends and see who reaches to order more boxes

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