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It is your sacred mission to fight off the wicked Ninja minions!

Your kind have learned the Anti Bionic Ninjump - a master ninjutsu move that is fatal to any bionic ninja.

Choose one of the 4 mutated turtles fighters to battle the maleficent ninjas that are trying to suppress you!


The game strategy is simple: just tap the screen, jump, make amazing spins and slash the waves of ninjas that are trying to get you!
Power-ups: awesome Ninjump skills- the turtles transform into amazing Super Turtles
Smooth, easy & dynamic game play
Futuristic music & sound effects
There are two turtle ninja characters: male and female each of them with a unique set of skills!

Overcome 3 enemies and discover a new fighting stage - that’s the way it goes! Be the hero for your mutant turtles siblings, the Teenage Mutant Jump Master and the one who knows there is enough pizza in the world for all!

Choose your destiny:
You can chose to fight as a teenage mutant turtle boy or girl. The two characters have different perspectives on the game.

Super Turtle Powers and Enemies!

Overcome 3 enemies and discover a new fighting stage - that’s the way it goes!

1.Turtle Hulk Gorilla - when your pizza supply is no longer enough to ensure victory, this power up will increase tenfold the power of your sexy ninja muscles and will help you climb higher and faster!

2.Bionic Mojo - you’ll get on your hover-board. This way, you’ll be able to avoid your enemies, collect pizza and save some precious energy for the next fights!

3.Flash Turtle - This super-power combines two abilities that no true ninja fighter can live without: super-strength and super-speed. No attacker will keep up with you and no enemy will be able to defeat you.

Enemies – The wicked ones!

1.Mosquito - this flying shadow comes for you with 3 tridents with the sole purpose of slashing you.

2.Red Eyes - like his name says, this attacker is mad with anger and tries to take you out of the game with not one, but two sharp swords. Overconfident, Red Eyes wears no armor, so make sure you hit him in the right spot when you make your killer jump!

3.Shuriken Master- he doesn’t concern himself with Western weaponry because it is no match for oriental finesse. The shuriken is his best friend! Avoid his ancient ornament weapon and deliver the final blow.

Joint the fight agains the Evil Bionic Ninja Clan and protect turtles’ God-given right to eat as much pizza as they want!

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