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RealAgriculture is focused on the issues that are impacting Canadian agriculture. Our app allows you to pick interests that are important to your operation and only see articles related to your interests. Turn on notifications and you'll only receive notifications for your areas of interest. Save articles to read later or for offline reading. Plus, save your settings with your email address and connect your selections and saved articles on other devices. Plus, we've included text-to-speech (app reads the article to you), local weather, agriculture news, and trending articles.

RealAgriculture has a brand new app, rebuilt from scratch. We’ve grown a lot since the launch of our first app three years ago. What worked then doesn’t work as well now.

Our new app puts you in control. You will only get the stories and notifications relevant to you and your operation. During setup, you’ll be able to select from a list of our most popular article categories, topics and even specialists.

You’ll only receive notifications from your selections, so if you’re a canola/wheat farmer from Saskatchewan you can skip our livestock coverage or vice versa. You can change which notifications you receive and if your operation diversifies, your personally-catered content can too.

Save Articles for Later

A new feature of the app is the ability to save articles for later. No time to read now? Don’t worry. Just tap the “star” icon beneath a story to save it for later.

This also allows for offline reading while you’re on a plane or in a gully without cell reception.
News, Weather, Trending and Text-to-Speech
No time to read? Don’t like reading on a small screen? No problem. Let your phone read you the story. Using your phone’s native accessibility functionality, simply tap to have your phone read you the story.

We’ve also included local weather in the app, which gives wind speed and humidity for your region. If you tap into the weather section for more information, you’ll also get the upcoming forecast and weather radar.

Similar to our website design, we’ve separated our news coverage from our regular coverage. This means you won’t receive notifications for news, though these posts will always be available on the main page.

Plus, just like on the website, we’ve added real-time trending articles.

Setting Up the App

The first time you load the app, we’re going to ask for 4 things:

1. Email address: This is only to save your settings so that you can retrieve them later or on another device (like a tablet). We won’t email you. You can skip this.
2. Location Permission: This is for accurate weather and to give you relevant articles (you can skip this as well).
3. Select story categories: Select from topics like Corn, Canola, Wheat, Machinery, Cattle, Soybeans, etc. These choices will affect which stories are displayed in your main feed.
4. Notifications Permission: You’ll only receive notifications for the categories you selected above (you can also skip/deny this).

That’s it. You can always change your settings later under the “Settings” icon on the bottom right.

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