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Experience the classic Truth or Dare party game like never before. Pefect for parties, dates and breaking the ice!

____ FEATURES ____

☆ THREE GAME MODES - Clean, Naughty & Dare Devil mode.

☆ EASY TO USE - Download and play in no time!

☆ CUSTOMISATION - Customise your play style.

☆ THE BEST QUESTIONS - Uses complex sorting algorithms to find only the best and most suitable questions.

☆ BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - The application looks gorgeous on any device.

☆ ONLY 450Kb SIZE - Small file size, and supports the ability to move the app to a removable SD card.

☆ SUITABLE FOR ANYONE - Young or casual audiences will find 'Clean Mode' perfect - whilst the more adventurous will want to try out the naughtier modes ;)

☆ UP TO 10 PLAYERS - Makes this application perfect for parties and large groups.

☆ FREE - Free to download. Free to play. Always.

____ CHANGELOG ____

- New 'About' screen (access from the menu button)
- Various layout and font improvements.
- Performance improvements.

- Fixed a bug which caused no clean truth questions to be visible (thanks to Karen for posting this).

- Truth or Dare PRO released.
- $0.99 for limited time only.
- Minor layout improvements.
- More questions added.
- Improvements to question style.
- More intuitive user-interaction.
- Various minor bug fixes & performance improvements.

____ CONTACT ____

If you encounter any bugs, please submit a bug report detailing the problem to:

Any feedback is also appreciated!

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